BG Products

Collins Auto Care is committed to providing only the absolute best in terms of auto service and repair to our customers. That means building a team of expert technicians, using state of the art equipment, and only using the highest quality products on your vehicle. And when it comes to automotive products, there is nobody that can beat the quality you will find in BG products.

BG has been leading the way in the automotive industry since 1971. They consistently create and distribute the best possible products to both protect and maintain your vehicle, no matter what make or model. At Collins Auto Care, we put our faith in BG products because they are a company that continues to evolve and improve each and every one of their products.

The automotive industry is continuously evolving and you want to know that the products being used on your vehicle are evolving as well. BG is dedicated to continuously researching new processes and ingredients to create products that will improve and extend the life of your vehicle.

BG does all of this while also doing their part to protect our environment. They don’t simply focus on creating products that will sell well or improve a vehicle’s performance, they look at how each product will affect the environment in order to make as small of a negative impact as possible. As a family-owned auto repair shop, that is huge to us.

Our goal at Collins Auto Care is to always provide the best possible service to every customer and vehicle that enters our shop. We feel an obligation and responsibility to maintain the safety and integrity of your vehicle and that starts with products we choose to use.

When it comes time to choose an auto repair shop in Houston, TX, you choose Collins Auto Care. When it comes time to choose the right product for your vehicle, you choose BG. Whether it is time for a routine oil change or your engine is acting up, Collins Auto Care will always use provide you with the service you deserve and that starts with using the best product on the market.

If you are in need of auto repair or service in Houston, TX, call Collins Auto Care today to schedule an appointment. Our team of expert technicians is here to help.


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