3 Things That Should Work In Your Car During The Fall

The fall season is kicking into high gear. And you might be wondering if your vehicle is ready for all the commutes to and from work or maybe even the additional running around. You might be picking up the kids from football practice or maybe dropping them off at school.

Collins Auto Care, your auto repair service in Houston, TX would like to remind you that inspecting your vehicle to see if some of the basic functions are in order will be important. That’s because your car will be putting in a bit more mileage than usual. Not to mention, you might have a few other passengers on board.

While we encourage you to come into our shop for your annual inspection, it’s also a good idea to check for any vehicle issues you may have. If you come across a problem, then don’t hesitate to let Collins Auto Care know.

Here are some things to check to ensure that everything is in working order:

1. Seat belts

Your seat belts should be working, especially when you plan on having more than your usual passengers. You could be carpooling your kids and their friends from school or after practice. You want to make sure that the seatbelts are not locked to the point where they are useless.

You should also check to see if the child locks are working as well. You want the seatbelts to fit so it can save lives in the event of a serious accident. Also, you could have a car seat in the back so make sure that the seatbelts are secure enough to keep it in place.

Our expert mechanics near Katy, TX know that safety always comes first. And we’ll make sure that your seat belts are working just fine along with everything else. We offer inspection services that will spot any troubles before they become even bigger problems.

2. Heaters

Yes, it can get a little chilly in Texas. So it would be a good idea to check if your heating system is in good working condition. If it’s blowing warm air, then you’re good to go. But if nothing is working, then you need to get it fixed fast.

Every repair or replacement part you get from Collins Auto Care is backed by a 2 year / 24,000-mile warranty. That’s not bad at all. Especially when things can go terribly wrong at a moment’s notice.

The repairs don’t take days or weeks. They can happen on the same day. If you have errands to run or need to get to work, then you can use one of our pre-inspected loaners for the day.

Or if you want, we’ll give you a ride to or from the shop. Either way, we treat you like family and make sure you go about your day while your car is being taken care of.

3. Windshield blades

During the winter months, it can rain or snow (depending on which part of Texas you’re in). You’ll also want to be able to see clearly through the windshield as you are going from point A to point B. So you want the windshield blades to go through the motions and do its job.

Just test them out by using a bit of windshield washer fluid to see how well they clean up. If everything looks good, then you’re all set. If they look worn and make a weird scratchy noise, it’s time to get them replaced.

Come See Us Now For Your Annual Inspection

If you haven’t had your annual inspection yet, now is the time. Collins Auto Care will make sure that your car is in good shape before the weather gets milder. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in serving our customers in Spring, TX and the surrounding area.

If you have questions or concerns about your vehicle, call us at 281-645-5780. Or you can stop by our location at 12125 Bammel North Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77066.