3 Tips On How To Make Your Car “Back To School” Ready

School is almost back in session for students. This also means that your vehicle should be geared up for another season of moving around. Whether it’s the commute to work or if you are transporting your kids to and from school, it’s going to log plenty of miles. The summer’s gone, but your vehicle keeps working throughout the year. 

But will it do enough to handle all the moving around? Collins Auto Care, your auto repair service in Houston, TX, provides you with these tips for auto care during this time of year. Here are some things that we suggest:

Check the lights

If you have a teenager that is getting ready for Driver’s Ed, they may be using your vehicle for practice. Or if you have younger children, you want them to be safe from point A to point B. That’s why it’s important to check your lights.

If they are burnt out or malfunctioning, it can lead to some serious trouble. The vehicles in front or behind won’t be able to determine if you are stopping or making a turn. Collins Auto Care will inspect every nook and cranny of your vehicle, including your lights.

If you need auto inspection services near Houston, TX, then Collins Auto Care might be the best option for you. After all, we are a family-owned business that goes above and beyond for our customers. We treat you like family so you get the best service possible. 

See if your battery is good to go

Without a working battery, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere. It won’t even start at all. That’s why checking your battery is important. 

If your battery is older than two to three years of age, it’s going to need a change. Every part that Collins Auto Care installs  will be covered under the same 2-year/24,000-mile warranty. If things go wrong, we’ll be able to fix it for you without the additional surprise charges.

Get it inspected (if you haven’t yet)

Every year is when you need to get your vehicle checked. If you haven’t done that this year, you should do it as soon as possible. Our ASE certified mechanics at Collins Auto Care will spot the problems before they become worse. 

No one near Bammel, TX wants to stay stuck at home because of car trouble. You and your family need to go places (even when you all feel like getting away for the weekend). We inspect your vehicle from one end to the other and make repairs if they are needed on the same day. 

If you need to do some running around, our pre-inspected loaner vehicles are available for you. Just grab one from us and take it for the day while your vehicle is getting checked. The sooner you get stuff done, the better. 

Why wait for later…schedule an inspection today!

We know vehicle inspections aren’t fun. But neither is not having the freedom to go anywhere. That’s why it’s important to schedule a vehicle inspection with Collins Auto Care now. Our mechanics near Bammel, TX are ready to work to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. 

If you need to get to work, we’ll give you a ride for free and pick you up after the day is done. We also have the best loaner cars near Houston, TX so you can come and go as you please until the inspection is finished. Don’t wait…visit us at our location at 12125 Bammel North Houston Road in Houston, TX, or call us at 281-645-5780.