4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Minor Car Issues

Picture it: it’s summertime. You’re driving your kids to the pool so they can go for a swim and hang out with friends. As you approach the pool, you start to hear some weird sounds when you put on the brakes. 

At Collins Auto Care, we want to remind you that minor issues can often turn into a big deal. We care about our customers in our town and we want you to drive safely all summer long. 

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t ignore minor car issues: 

They can lead to major problems

A minor problem that gets ignored can lead to major problems. It’s a domino effect that happens all the time with vehicles. The sooner you or one of our mechanics catch the problem, the sooner it can be fixed. Early detection will definitely save your vehicle. And it will save you time and money.

You’ll spend less money

The sooner you get your vehicle in for a possible repair, the better. You shouldn’t wait until it’s an actual emergency. Even then, emergency repair costs can lead to a higher bill. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Even if you can’t afford to pay the bill outright, Collins Auto Care has financial options available so you can pay it over time. 

Your family’s safety is important

Even minor car issues can pose major safety issues down the line. If these issues go unchecked, you are likely risking your own safety. Minor car issues can lead to accidents that can cause serious injury or death.

Your vehicle can be rendered useless

You need a vehicle to go to work, to take your kids here and there, or just to go for a ride. Minor issues under the hood can lead to engine failure. That’s why checking the oil, testing your battery, and seeing if no leaks are occurring are some of the most important tasks that you or your mechanic should perform. No vehicle means you can’t go anywhere this summer. 

Minor car issues can be a big a big deal…make an appointment today

If you are dealing with minor car issues, don’t wait any longer. These issues can lead to more critical repairs if they go ignored. At Collins Auto Care, we offer preventative maintenance and repair services so your vehicle can stay in shape all summer long. 

During your repairs, we’ll offer you a loaner vehicle so you can run errands or take your kids from one place to the next while your vehicle is being tended to. If you are busy because of work or errands, we’ll pick up your vehicle or drop it off to you at your request. We offer rides to and from the shop if you are more comfortable.

Collins Auto Care is open five days a week. Call (281) 645-5780 today to set up an appointment.