Bad Car Smells Collins Auto Care

Fresh baked cookies, flowers, campfires, and wood grills are generally considered good scents to most human noises. Your vehicle can produce some odors that are mild and hard to notice, and some that are downright bad, that means something for maintenance and safety purposes.

Collins Auto Care of Houston, Texas can help sniff out issues and diagnose issues with your vehicle. We are a family owned and operated business and have been helping customers with their vehicles for many years. Here we offer some ideas of what smells can mean for you and your car.

Your Air Conditioner

Your vehicle’s air conditioner can produce a musty, mildew smell. The cause is often built up condensation within the hoses and small radiator that provide cool and liquid to your air conditioner. When this buildup fails to move, it gradually produces a moldy smelly that will blow into your vehicle when the AC is running. Sometimes this smell is reduced by running the fans on high to evaporate any extra water, but the solution isn’t likely permanent.

Get a whiff of mildew? Bring your vehicle to Collins Auto Care and our ASE Certified Technicians will help you eliminate the smell and let you know your options to keep it from coming back. 


You don’t actually want a mild sweet smell in your car unless you are transporting cookies or a fragrant chocolate shake. A sweet smell is a sign your antifreeze is leaking, likely from behind your dashboard. The steam from a leading radiator with coolant can also fog your windows from the inside. Coolant steam shouldn’t be inhaled, so get this problem fixed right away.


A burning smell can come from a variety of places, including your oil, brakes, or transmission clutch. The location of the smell should be fairly obvious as long as you follow your nose. You can check your oil by removing the dipstick and checking the oil level to ensure you still have enough. Brakes can smell like burning after excessive use, especially when applied going downhill. 

Collins Auto Care can help you locate the source of your burning smell. We fix all makes and models. We can quickly determine the source of your issue and offer a solution to fixing your issue and restoring the smell you want.


Let’s “burn rubber” is a saying often used for driving fast. If you smell burning rubber, you might not be driving fast soon. A burning rubber smell can mean you have a belt that is wearing out. Bring it to Collins Auto Care soon and we will get it replaced.

Why Collins Auto Care?

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